First Fifteen

I’m on a train heading to Boston for the Women in Comedy Festival, and I have just discovered I have internet. It’s a mixed blessing. If I had my druthers, I would stare out the window like a dog. But I have emails that need sending and reading, and I have a website I’ve ignored for two years.

The train is currently stopped in New London, and I wish I were sitting across the aisle where there are views of giant ships. I could take a nice photo and post it here. Instead, I’m looking down a street in the direction of downtown New London – this is where I did fifteen minutes for the first time. Yes, this place has history! I had been doing stand-up for about three months in New York, and I was booked along with two other comics to perform at a coffee shop here. We had a long drive in and then went for a walk, where we discovered many chicken bones in the gutters. We then picked up a pizza, but I remember having trouble eating as I realized we would be performing soon. Fifteen whole minutes!

I think it’s cute now that I have clocked in so much stage time, but it was a big step for me that day. In the end, it wasn’t a great show, but I felt great about it. Those chicken bones were comedy gold, so I made sure to open my set making a crack about them – it went over well – and from there my nerves dissipated. I was given one of the posters for the event, which someone had worked hard on, and, on our way out, a man asked us to sign a poster for him, which was ridiculous and flattering. He knew we were nobodies; it was more a gesture of faith in our future. So thank you, New London, for being so good to me. I hope Boston will be just as awesome as you were.


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